Saturday, May 17, 2008

Giving before taking.

Linkedin is a very powerful social network that has connected like-minded marketeers together. Through its connections, I am delighted to get to know a few experienced players who are not stingy with their advices and mentorship.

Mr. Harry Hallman is a marketeer with more than 30 years experience and actively answers marketing questions on blogs and writes white papers. You can read all about it on How has this made him even more successful than ever? Being a digital expert, by utilizing his strength and providing education materials to the mass in understanding his craft, he has demostrated his expertise in this area without the attempt to even sell his abilities. Most marketeers from big brands surf the web frequently in search of feedbacks on their products and market trends. It is not hard to stumble upon the advices of someone as such and be convinced that he knows what he is doing.

Like by adding his name to this blog entry, I have created another potential exposure for him. And it is a word-of-mouth marketing that he had built up for himself quite effectively. Every client has the same question in their mind. Creative ideas can come from anyone, but WHO can execute it effectively to meet their business needs. Usually, they are concern about the team behind it, leading it and making it into live.

By dedicating time to educate and give, you have then given yourself an additional opportunity to new business. End of the day, our moral education has also taught us we get the most out of giving, this goes the same in the business world. Create that relation and relevance with your customers and they will come running to you for help. That is the rule of Web 2.0. Education is the new marketing.

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