Thursday, May 15, 2008


Some say blogging has to be a daily event. Although you don't see me being very active, well, that certainly does not mean I'm closing this blog just because no one reads it.

I've taken a new interest in CRM (Cause-related Marketing). In most business terms, CRM will refer to Customer Relationship Management. But CRM in marketing term is the new babe. Came across this wonderful site giving a good an indepth sight into CRM at Paul Jones is a marketing specialist and advises his client to tap on the potential of CRM to establish an emotional connection with their consumer base.

Some people may think CRM is just another smoke screen to cover the money business making it look charitable so that people will buy more, only making businesses richer. Well, there's 2 perspective to it. Firstly, all businesses must be profitable. And that is a natural way of the economy. Secondly, if they put part of those profit into the society, what's there to complain? This is an inevitable cycle. Only when money is made that money can be spreaded. The story about how sincere one corporate is about doing good is another matter all together. The fact is that alot of companies are realising the importance of social responsibility as in some cases, that dictates the brand image and consumer's buying decision. The objective is still positive at the end of the day. And there's alot more that businesses can do to help the needy while establishing a good reputation for themselves. So CRM does have an abundance of unseen potential to be uncovered, especially in Asia.

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