Friday, January 2, 2009

The strong waves of 2009

Happy New Year folks! It's 2nd January 2009. I have to start practicing writing the right date. I tend to waste too many cheques in the first month of every year.

Today didn't exactly start off on a fantastic note, when I had to give my intern a ticking as she was absolutely not paying attention to what she was doing. (it's only a minutes for goodness sake, and I had to make her change it 4 times!) But let's leave her to make the final changes for now.

Many people have told me, 2009 will come in a fiery big tsunami wave. It will sweep away anything that is in its way. The worse has yet to arrive, that's what I'm hearing. Our Prime Minister made his traditional New Year speech yesterday indicating a forecasted -2.0 growth for Singapore in 2009. The annual budget has been pushed forth to January, hoping policies will aid individuals and companies to tide these fiery storms earlier. It hasn't quite hit me directly yet, but from the look of it, it ain't going to give a warning when it strikes. I am not an economic expert and I can't tell you anything new from this post. Which I bet you haven't heard anything new for a long time from anyone else either, that is.

Despite the crisis, it definitely isn't the first time the human race has been hit hard. This can't be tougher to survive than the world wars nor the Great Depression back in the 30s. Somehow, human are rare creatures whom can find and create opportunities in all situations. Even animals find their own way into survival.

The future holds a future in itself. So let's anticipate an optimistic 2009 and may we brave the storms like warriors together!

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