Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was just thinking quite aloud today, if I have been doing enough learning and picking up enough new information? If I don't log on to my TweetDeck, I basically spend the day not absorbing much. But once the influx of thoughts from all the expertise I'm following starts flooding over, that's when the real information and education starts infiltrating. If you ain't on twitter yet, you better start doing so. I'm NOT joking. (Add me if you haven't)

Every marketing book I have at home is half-read. I probably should invest more time into digesting the wealth of knowledge. If I have a new year resolution this year, it should start just right from that. And so, I was also wondering if I'm interested to travel and mentor under marketing/branding experts for a couple of weeks, would anyone be willing to take me in, all self-paid? Probably someone would, if I seriously asked. After all, I don't have the luxury of taking a month leave off my work. At least not for now. But I do have the serious intention to explore. If anyone is reading this and don't mind offering me the opportunity, I would love to take it up!

Drawing up a brief blueprint of my future, deciding how I want it to be, what do I want to be and how do I reach it. Still in sketchy stage and all drawn with pencil in my mind. Hence erasable and editable.

Food for thought :

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